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3rd mirage

another place to be

Another Place to Be
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High quality Chinese MV, KTV
3rd Mirage & 3rd Mirage is a community created by Cgem to share graphics, HQ music videos, and other various miscellaneous artworks.
ThirdMirageMy YoutubeEverlasting Bliss MEPProfile Codes by: Fruitstyle In this community, you will find some high quality mv/ ktv/ pvs that I have taken the time to upload and organize them for you. Majority of the videos that will be sharing here will be Chinese mvs and ktvs.

To prevent random leeching and to ensure that the files are distributed only in this community, you will need to be a member to access to the password.

Before joining this community, please follow these simple rules:

1) MVs, KTVs, & PVs are for personal use only and may not be shared on video hosting sites such as Youtube, Veoh, Crunchyroll, dailymotion, etc

2) Please do not share the password outside of this community, instead refer others here.

3) Requests are available, but are not guarantee to be fulfilled so please don't be disrespectful and impatience.

If anytime I feel that you cannot uphold these rules, I can always banned you from this site.

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